Hyundai Elantra DG41 2010-2015

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 31558
Make/Model:   Hyundai Elantra, DG41 2010-2015
Engine:   1.8
Transmission:   6 Spd Auto
Year:   2014
Date In Stock:   14 Oct 2020

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
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The parts below have already been sold
    Air Bag Clock Spring  
    Combination Switch  
    Electric Steering Column  
    Front Bumper Clips  
    Front Sub Frame  
    Fuel Tank  
    Kick Panel  
    Kick Panel  
    LF Door Shell  
    LF Driveshaft  
    LF Guard Liner  
    LF Guard Liner Clips  
    LF Guard/Fender  
    LF Hub & Carrier Assembly  
    LF Lower Arm  
    LF Strut  
    LF Sway Bar Link  
    LH Under Floor Tray  
    LR Bumper Retainer  
    LR Guard Liner  
    LR Guard Liner Clips  
    LR Mudflap  
    Mag Road Wheel  
    Mag Wheel Centre Cap  
    Misc Item  
    Rear Bumper  
    Rear Bumper Clips  
    Rear Bumper Retainer LR  
    Rear Bumper Retainer RR  
    RF Door Complete  
    RF Door Elec Mirror  
    RF Guard/Fender  
    RF Seat Belt  
    RH Under Floor Tray  
    RR Guard Liner  
    Steering Wheel  
    Window Master Switch